Living the Aha! Life: What is Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury in Retrograde is a 3 week period that happens 3 to 4 times a year when the planet Mercury, which governs communications amongst other things, slows its transit and appears to go backward.

During this time all sorts of mishaps can take place to include problems with technology and all things mechanical, garbled communications and misunderstandings, delayed travel and a variety of other stressful scenarios.

The good thing is that we have to slow down a bit, be more careful and take our time. It is a great time to reflect, focus and make long range plans.

Many people ask me if they can avoid the effects of mercury in retrograde all together. I have to say if you follow the basic rules, you will greatly reduce its effects and the issues that do pop up will be tiny. You can create anything you desire, and working with the flow of these influences definitely helps make for a smoother ride.

Here is a helpful checklist to follow.
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