The Answered Prayer Card by Mari

answered prayer

The Answered Prayer Card

A message is coming to you as an answered prayer. Take the time to check in with your Intuition, journal and keep track of the signs, symbols and synchronicities that are being sent your way. Hang in there as your answer is right around the corner! Don’t quit before the miracle happens!

If you were attracted to this card, then this message is for you! Take a good look, close your eyes and ask your Intuition to provide you with even more details specifically for you!

This is just 1 card of 44 in The Intuitive Living Oracle Card Deck! I designed these specifically to support you in being able to interpret what messages your Intuition is trying to share with you.

Get the entire deck of 44 laminated cards and a 71 page interpretation book that includes all of the messages, how to clear and care for the cards and a variety of ways to interpret the cards.

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© Photo and Interpretation Mariana M Cooper, Aha Moments International, LLC 2014