Telesummits are Great… But Aren’t you Ready to Have Access to Much More?


The Power Boost Audio Series

with Rudy Hunter & Mari!


Do You feel stuck in your ability to actually get what you are trying to Manifest?

Feel Like you are not getting the full range of your true power?

Tired of being Told You can Have it all and it never shows up?

Well I asked Rudy Hunter, one of our Most Popular Master Teachers from our recent Aha! Moments World Telesummit, to Join Us and take us to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!


Rudy took us deep into our own Energy Reserves and helped us gain access to levels of our personal power that we had never seen!

You can now get the entire unabridged course on 4 MP3 audios that you can download immediately upon purchase! Rudy over delivered on every call so you have more than 6 hours of class and processes to enjoy!

Here are descriptions of the processes done in each of the 4 classes with Rudy. These were all exclusive processes that he had never taught before in a group setting!

Call 1: The MicroDot—how to get to the heart of the heart of the matter for healing the tough stuff in your life. Laser focusing for real.

Call 2: Neutral and 2/4 Way Splits—how to gain freedom very quickly by leaving the Polar Bear of opposites using two and four-way splits. You can get your freedom from the agony of opposites with just a pencil and paper.

Call 3: [God Week]—much ado about God; whatever name you choose to use. God Is/I am—an energized process based on the Eric Butterworth basics that can change your state quickly, help you access peace and alter “real-world” circumstances without pushing, cajoling or control.

Toxic People Coding—a short coding sequence to help you remove toxic energies from other people that you may be feeling.

Chi/Vitality Coding—a profound coding sequence to raise your basic vitality.

Call 4: Hunter’s O.P.A.L. Gem—a powerful & transformative 4-part sequence to undo the hooks that keep us attached to a problem or issue.Immune Booster Coding—a short coding sequence to boost your immune system simply & easily.

Unlabeled Supportive Coding—a profound coding sequence to support your inner work gently.

Amazing questions, feedback, insights & kudos all four weeks!

As with all classes that we teach we followed the energy of the group and adjusted as we went. We always managed to go much deeper than we had planned!

So if you are ready to go WAY BEYOND the Telesummit and get tons of tools that you can use forever, Get Your Copy Now!

Just  $147 for the entire unabridged course in 4 MP3’s

that you can immediately download now!


Please Note: This course was so popular that it is now the Pre-Requisite for the Advanced Course! So if you LOVE Rudy and want to join us, make sure you get all of the great foundation work now!


Hi Rudy & Mari,

Power Boost 1 & 2 have rocked my world!

If you want to dive deep into your dark stuff then this is definitely the program I would recommend. It is jam packed full of wisdom, fab processes and practical how to use tips and tricks. This course has saved me years of time by avoiding those common traps and pitfalls of energy work.

Rudy tells the truth and even when it can feel pretty uncomfortable and even made me squirm at times, he has such a lovely, kind and gentle way of putting stuff, it makes it easier to accept and move on!

I am not very patient, so I love the fact you can deal with your deepest darkest stuff in 3 minutes or less.

I did these classes to resolve some chronic issues and as a bonus other stuff has cleared up too. Years of anorexia, self-harm, anxiety and depression have all dropped away with your work. All I can say is that I am actually happier for no real reason at all!

Thank so much Rudy – dealing with darkness with you is actually fun.