The Opening to Channel Series with Mari!


The Opening to Channel Series with Mari!

Connect. Communicate. Create

How to Joyfully Join Forces with Your Personal Guide

What is your biggest goal or heart felt desire?

Ready to write a book? Start a business? Let go of debt? Get fit? Find a new love? Move to a wonderful new place that soothes your soul?

We have thought provoking products and programs to give you the tools that will accelerate your progress to get what you desire and even more!

Here in the Aha! Community we have an amazing group of folks from 95 countries around the world who want to apply the big spiritual, energetic and intuitive principles to the ongoing trials and triumphs of day to day life.

I have personally spent my entire adult life sorting out how to combine both material abundance and energetic consciousness into a system of practices that are fully integrated and applicable to all parts of my life.

I love sharing what I have learned with those who are ready, willing and able to receive it.
There are a few skills that are extremely important to really find your personal sweet spots in life! One is becoming fluent in the language of your intuition so that you always feel safe and secure in your decisions and choices.

Now is the Time to Learn to Communicate with Your Personal Guide!

The other is establishing a real life relationship with your own personal guides so that you can check in at will and be able to understand the signs and answers that they send your way in all areas of your life. That ability to consciously connect with your guides is often referred to as Channeling. And I rely on my channeling abilities in every aspect of my life.

Is this “airy fairy” or obscure? To some it may be, but this ability is one that we are all born with and part of a larger energetic communication system that is intended to work hand in hand with physical action in our day to day activities.

If you really desire to have long lasting growth and an intimate connection with your personal guides join us for the Opening to Channel Series.

Opening to Channel Level 1 is now available as a 7 class audio course, you get all 7 unedited 90 min mp3’s via email after purchase and you can get all of the details as well as your copy by clicking here now.

Opening to Channel Level 2 – Multi-Dimensional Living with Your Personal Guide!

5 part live series.    Participate online, by phone or Skype!

January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4th 2015

Join us for this enlightening 5 week live tele-course that starts January 14, 2015! Lots of live channeling and practical exercises as well as guided meditations give you to access to the deepest parts of yourself and the most powerful guidance possible.  You can get all of the details and reserve your spot by clicking here now.