Manifesting Money and Miracles Challenge


Would you like to make a BIG CHANGE in your ability to Manifest Money and Miracles?

Ready to have a Breakthrough in your ability to bring your dreams to fruition?

Willing to do what it takes to get the results you desire?

Then you are ready for the Manifesting Money and Miracles Challenge!

Everything around us is changing. People are more knowledgeable about these energetic principles than ever before. And manifesting is a skill that is now a necessity to learn in order to go forward successfully in our lives. The old systems of just using our mental minds and forcing things to happen with our intellect and brute force alone are no longer working.

Learning the Art of Manifesting is one of the best skills that you can learn for sustained happiness and well being in your life. And it also makes things a WHOLE lot easier when you do!

Manifesting is something that we do all of the time whether we know it or not. Basically we are always creating with our most repetitive thoughts and dominant emotions.

Manifesting Works Best When We Create Consistently Good Habits

And like anything that we repeat over a period of time, we create habits, structures and situations in our lives because we tend to say the same general things, believe the same general things and take the same general actions (even if that means not taking action at all) over and over again.

I have been working with manifesting principles for almost 20 years now and one of the most difficult parts of the process is to be consistent EVEN when it seems like nothing is happening yet!

I personally went into meditation and asked how can we make this process easier? This challenge was the answer that I received. I channeled each meditation and then recorded them for you!

22 days is a powerful number for transformation. And if you just devote 20 minutes a day to really focusing on what you most desire, listening to the meditation for that day and taking the actions that you feel guided to take during your day, you will see wonderful changes in your life.

If You Are Really Looking For a Boost, Take The Challenge!

There are 11 meditations. You will listen to 1 per day for 11 days and then repeat them for the 2nd 11 days. This reinforces the changes you are making.

You are of course welcome to do more than 1 22 day round of the challenge; especially if you would like to manifest several different things, situations or shifts in your life.

Taking Action is a Must!

As with anything I cannot guarantee that you will absolutely make these changes. But you can by taking action! What I have found is that when we commit to a program like this one, we will get several insights and intuitive guidance on actions to take to create the desires that we want. We will also get signs, synchronistic events and an overall sense of well being that lets us know we are on the right track!

The Meditation List

Day 1 and 12 Your Deepest Desires

Day 2 and 13 Programming Your Energy Field

Day 3 and 14 Releasing Doubts and Fears

Day 4 and 15 I am Worthy

Day 5 and 16 The Now! Factor: Leaving the Past Behind

Day 6 and 17 Money, Money, Money

Day 7 and 18 Lighting Up the Grid

Day 8 and 19 Flying High

Day 9 and 20 Let the Miracles In: Receiving Unexpected Support

Day 10 and 21 The Successful You

Day 11 and 22 Gratitude and Joy

The Manifesting Money and Miracles Challenge includes: 11 Meditation MP3’s and Getting Started Guide (Pdf)

All are downloadable immediately upon payment so you can get started right away.

22 Day Manifesting Money and Miracles Challenge: $22.00

Ready to Get Started Right Now?!