Living the Aha! Life: Why Should I Care About the New Moon?

It is age old lore that the phases of the moon have a huge effect on our lives and personal well being. There are many phases that the moon goes through in its 28 day cycle. But one of the most powerful is that of the New Moon, also known as the dark or old moon.

The two phases of the moon that are most relevant to living the Aha! Life are those known as the Waxing and the Waning moon. The Waning phase of the moon is when the moonlight is getting less and less each night until it appears to be completely dark which is the new moon. And then it shifts into the Waxing phase which is when the moon gets bigger each day until it reaches the Full moon phase.

Most people take notice when the moon is full, but actually the most powerful time for manifesting, flow and energy is within the first 3 days of the new moon. This is a great time for fresh starts and new beginnings. And the tip sheet below will provide you with some great pointers.

You can find a complete moon calendar online by doing a quick Google search for “Phases of the moon. You can also put in the phrase “New Moon for (add in the current month)” and it will give you the date and time of the next new moon.

One of the most telltale signs of the new moon approaching is that you may feel a lot more fatigued than usual. This is because our bodies, especially women in particular are very aligned with the moonlight and we can get very tired when there is so little of it available. This is a time that you will want to let yourself rest and rejuvenate with a good power nap, meditation outdoors or some down time in nature.

I personally give myself a pass on anything that requires a big burst of energy or deep concentration the last day before the new moon. Even if I am not paying attention to the calendar, my body always let’s me know what’s up!

As Lightworker’s it really benefits us to pay attention to the ebbs and flows that take place with the various planetary influences. There is so much going on that you could make a full time job of studying it all. But I have found that the 3 most important and relevant things to watch are the Waning Moon, the Waxing Moon and Mercury in Retrograde. If you just keep track of those things and do the appropriate activities during the optimal times, things will go quite smoothly and you won’t find yourself unnecessarily swimming against the tide.

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