Hard News Detox

 Tired of hearing the constant droning of Bad News in the media, at the job and online?

Feeling run down, overwhelmed and an underlying sense of doom?

Find yourself saying “Oh No What Could Happen Next?” often?

Well, You’re Not The Only One!!



With all of the earth changes, political craziness, hidden agendas, disasters and catastrophes being reported it is very easy to feel discouraged, run down and helpless to make a difference.

I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by it all one day and went into meditation to get centered and reconnected to what counts. I felt a sense of peace and well being return and as I always do I asked “How may I serve? What can I provide to help others find this calm place, gain clarity and equilibrium even when all around the feels chaotic.”

My Guides promptly shared a guided meditation with me and asked me to record it and provide it to those who are feeling tired out by the NEWS and in need of a “Hard News Detox”. The Message is we all have the power to find peace within the chaos and by doing so we influence the energy of the planet to move toward healing and regaining equilibrium.

If you feel like you are REALLY in need of a Break, and a Cleansing of the ill effects that hearing a constant stream of bad news provides then register and download the Hard News Detox MP3 now. Do it once a day for 11 days and then as you feel in need of it. The more people who do it, the more positive energy, calm and healing will go out into the world.

It’s my gift to you and to the WORLD!!!


and get my Hard News DETOX Meditation NOW!!


How Does It Get Any Better Than This?!!!