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Hard News Detox – FREE!

If you feel like you are REALLY in need of a Break, and a Cleansing of the ill effects that hearing a constant stream of bad news provides then register and download the Hard News Detox MP3 now. Do it once a day for 11 days and then as you feel in need of it. The more people who do it, the more positive energy, calm and healing will go out into the world.

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Earth Changes and Stormy Weather…What Does it all Mean?

This was the question that I asked just a few weeks ago as we were confronted with unprecedented shifts and changes with our weather here on the east coast. I am always inspired by what happens in my own life to develop and share my insights and what information I have personally received from my guides with you.

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Akashic Records Special Report

One of the best practices that I have ever experienced was learning to access my Akashic Records and work on the areas in my life that seemed to be constantly stuck! (Yes I get stuck too!) It was interesting because the guidance I received was not what I expected but it fixed the issues all the way through, not just on the surface for the moment.

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