Earth Changes and Stormy Weather

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Earth Changes and Stormy Weather… What Does it all Mean?



Two Earthquakes, a Hurricane, Tornado, a Blackout, and a Rainbow all within 3 days? What’s going on?…


This was the question that I asked just a few weeks ago as we were confronted with unprecedented shifts and changes with our weather here on the east coast. I am always inspired by what happens in my own life to develop and share my insights and what information I have personally received from my guides with you.

It was quite an experience to say the least but one where I received so much information I had to develop this special report to get all the basics in!

This is the first of several things I will be offering to assist with a smooth transition to the exciting energy of 2012 and beyond.

In this Special Report I will share what I have channeled from my Guides to include:

  • We are all faced with extreme weather at some point. But these patterns are more aggressive, unusual and frequent than in the past. What does it mean?
  • The hidden gift that these changes are providing to you
  • What you can do to move forward with greater ease energetically
  • The myth that these changes mean the end of the world, which is not true
  • The most important tool that you need to have in these times
  • How you should prepare both physically and energetically
  • Specific energy work, visualizations and tools that you can use to protect your home, property, neighborhood and more before, during and after storms
  • Simple ways to call in protective Angels and Guides to assist you
  • Specific energy work and communication to use with your trees to protect your home from damage
  • How to communicate with the animals both wildlife on your property and domestic pets to assist them in managing as well
  • How to actually communicate with your home energetically to assist it in staying strong during severe weather
  • How to send the energy and protection to friends, loved ones and others who are going through these types of events from a distance
  • How to ease the recovery process if you do have damages and energetically speed up the return of power, repairs etc.

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