Clearing the Way to Divine Abundance

“Manifesting Good Fortune in Every Aspect of Your Life”

with Master Theta Healer Karen Abrams & Mari!



 A 3 Class Audio Series!


Do you feel stuck in your ability to actually get what you are trying to Manifest?

Feel Like you have done all sorts of stuff, but there is some kind of block that you can’t put your finger on?

Tired of having long lag times between setting your intentions and getting what you want?


I asked Master Theta Healer, Karen Abrams, one of our Most Popular Master Teachers from our recent Aha! Moments World Telesummit 2013, to join me and help everyone to clear out the deeply hidden blocks to our Abundance!

I have personally had several sessions with Karen and her work is pristine. She gets into the most stubborn blocks that reach back through both our ancestral lineage and our souls lineage and clears everything that stands in the way of your forward progression like no one I have ever seen. What is amazing is that once it is gone, it does not come back! I found the results to be palpable in my own life.

Karen will be focusing on Clearing the Way to Divine Abundance! The perfect way to be ready to receive all that you have been working for during the Harvest time of Fall!

Class Tuition: 




Course Outline:

Class 1: Opening the Door

You will receive:

  • 1 MP3 Replay
  • 1 MP3 Meditation

You will learn:

  • The three key ingredients to receiving divine abundance on a daily basis with Theta Healing
  • Eliminate ancient abundance barriers that can be either in your ancestry or souls lineage
  • Strengthen your connection to Source Energy


Class 2: Redecorating the House

You will receive:

  • 1 MP3 Replay
  • 1 MP3 Meditation

You will learn:

  • Magnify your manifesting abilities with Theta Healing
  • Realign your nervous system to the divine abundance vibration  (your mind/body connection to abundance)
  • Receive energetic pathways to process abundance with ease


Class 3: Moving In

You will receive:

  • 1 MP3 Replay
  • 1 MP3 Meditation

You will learn:

  • Develop a strategy to build divine abundance in your daily life
  • Activate your energetic state to live in divine abundance
  • Experience divine abundance in action



The depth of this material is impressive. Karen is a true master of her craft. The information is easy to comprehend and apply. You can expect a magical experience due to the wonderful way that Karen and Mari relate to one another and their audience. The affordability of the program is an added bonus. How effective is the program? I received an unexpected tax refund check for $100.00 during my second week of the program and a check from my bank for $1,300.00 a week later. I used to believe that this happened to other people, but never to me. My story has changed and I am confident that yours can too.

Michael Unger, Ph.D.
Houston Texas

Mari and Karen,

In the simplest of manners, Theta healing is healing at the core, getting to the roots of our selves. Karen delivered and witnessed a profound change in me and my relationship issues, and once healed, I have not turned back to that old space I was in…and that was just one call on Mari’s Aha Moments Radio Show. Taking the Abundance Class with Mari and Karen allowed a heart-filled gathering of souls, where all participants gleaned value and healing. In this, as in other classes with Mari, I have consistently enjoyed being with the community of us who wish to enjoy the journey of our lives, no matter what healing, trauma and events we face. And because you can listen to the recordings afterwards, you can get so much added value that as your space changes, continues to contribute to your own understanding again and again.