Ready to Access Your Own Guidance Like Never Before?

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Feeling like You Have a Personal Guide but Not Sure How to Reach Them?

Ready to Go Beyond Small Signs, Hunches and Wondering?

Opening to Channel

Connect. Communicate. Create.
How to Joyfully Join Forces with Your Personal Guide

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I always say “In this new energy Anything is Possible!” And now there is more information available to you than ever before.

As an International Channel and Third Generation Intuitive, one of my biggest keys to success both personally and professionally is having the ability to connect with my Guides and have a two-way conversation with them.

We all have some capacity to connect with our Guides on a personal level. And then there are several of us who have Channeling Contracts to share professionally as what we call Divine Messengers.

Here are just a few of the Benefits of Consciously Knowing How to Channel Your Personal Guide:

  • Access your Personal Guide for help with everything from practical problems to guiding your complete spiritual journey
  • Ease anxiety, panic, fear, chaos and confusion by connecting with your Personal Guide who has the ability to provide you with customized solutions
  • Clearly see what things are on your path and let go of those things that are not
  • Increase your ability to solve problems creatively by gathering information that your mental, logical mind does not currently know
  • Get support in making key decisions without having to consult other people who just function with their mental minds
  • Accelerate your ability to learn new skills and talents
  • Enhance your writing, creative, artistic and athletic abilities with much greater ease
  • Access business advice and ideas that often help you to save a huge amount of time and create new things that others have not thought of
  • Know how to discern the true intentions of people and the best way to handle them as well as when to let them go
  • Access information to support making good decisions for your health, family, career, relationships, finances and more.

What Does It Take to Channel?

Popular belief is that only certain people have access to channeling abilities. However the truth is that we all have the ability, and now more so than ever before it is easier to access and connect with our Personal Guides.

“You do not need inherited talent to communicate well with your Personal Guide. You just need a willingness to learn and a commitment to practice the steps to strengthen your connection.”

In this ground breaking Intensive Master  Audio Course you will learn:

Part 1 – The Theory – Getting the Lay of the Land

Class 1 – What is Channeling? Accessing information from Multiple Dimensions

In this class we will cover the history of channeling and how this ancient skill has developed over thousands of years. We will cover the types of Guides we can connect with, and what purpose they serve.

Class 2 – The 7 Stages of Channeling Development

In this class will cover the 7 stages of development that research has shown most Channels go through as they discover and master their abilities as channels. We will also discuss the differences between those who are attracted to do channeling work vs. body healing work and how the two intertwine.

Class 3 – The 8 Types of Channeling

In this class we will cover the 8 most popular types of channeling and what they entail. You will be able to have a much better understanding of the variety of ways you can receive information and communicate with your Guides as well as start to connect to what feels best for your own personal use.

Part 2 Opening to Channel

Class 4 – Psychic Protection and Discernment

In this class you will learn the key ways to psychically protect yourself and others while channeling. We will cover the best ways to filter out any negative energy while still allowing in the best and highest information for you. We will also learn how healthy skepticism is good to have and how to discern if what you are getting is a true message. We will cover techniques for protecting both your personal body and your home from negative energy. These techniques can also be used for dealing with negative people and situations in your life as well.

Class 5 – Creating a Meditative State, Channeling Posture and Preparing to Connect

In this class we will cover the best ways to prepare to connect with your Guide. You will learn specific exercises for grounding, focusing, centering and engaging with your higher self. You will also learn the best way to achieve a meditative state that will be the bridge of communication with your Guide. You will be able to work with these on your own right away to methodically set the stage for direct communication with your Guide.

Class 6 – Attracting Your High Level Guide and Making Contact

In this class we will cover how to attract and connect with your high level Guide. You will learn how to perceive their presence and learn what their name is. You will also be able to choose how you will engage with them to begin your conversation. We will do a channeled guided meditation in class to assist you in developing the ability to perceive and discern their energy.

Class 7 – Engaging with Your Guide

In this class we will discuss the steps to verbally communicate with your Guide. We will also discuss the various nuances that happen when having a multidimensional communication both written and verbally and how to get clear guidance that you can discern and trust. We will also discuss the various other ways your Guide will reach you during the day and in your dreams so you can engage their assistance in a variety of ways as you desire. We will do a channeled guided meditation in class to raise your ability to have a solid line of communication with your Guide and get guidance on next steps to take in specific areas of your life that you choose to focus on.

Sound Exciting?

The best thing about Channeling is that it is always available and changes as you do. Once you connect with your Personal Guide and know how to have that ongoing conversation you will have lifetime access to all of the support you need without having to be dependent on any one person or Guru.

When You Know How to Channel,
Creating Your Life as You Go Becomes So Much Easier!

This Advanced Master Course Delivers

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