Opening to Channel 2

Multi-Dimensional Manifesting with Your Personal Guide


We now take your channeling skills to a whole new level and put them to work in your daily life for your most important desires.

Now Available as a Self Paced Study Audio Course!

5 Full Length, Unedited Audio MP3’s that you can download right now!

Class 1: The Energetic Field of Creation and how it actually works

In this class we will talk all about the energetic grid, how our energy intermingles and how things actually take form with your thoughts, words and actions. We will work directly with your personal guide to do some test creations and you will develop your list of desires to work on for the remainder of the course and beyond.

Class 2: Getting More Details! How to receive advanced information from your Personal Guide

In this class we will discuss the various advanced ways that your guides will speak to you and get messages across. You will also get exercises to do at home to up the level of detailed information that you will receive. We will also go over how to interpret and combine the messages for a steadier stream of conversation.

Class 3: Multi-dimensionality! What it is and how it works

In this class we will go much deeper! We will discuss the various fields of energy, the parallel lives and worlds that we are a part of simultaneously and how you can create EVERYTHING you desire by accessing these alternate realities. You will also be able to converse with your Guide to assist you in navigating these alternative energies

Class 4: Multi-dimensional Working Session

In this class we will work on your specific goals with the help of your Guide. We will do several exercises to be applied to your manifesting project of choice.

Class 5: Modern Day Alchemy

In this class we will connect all of the dots and cover the steps to take each day to create what you desire out of energy and bring it into matter. We will cover how to deal with typical stumbling blocks like emotions, family issues, worthiness, money, anxiety etc., how to handle things when they seem to go the wrong way and the easy corrections to get things back on track.

Pre Requisite: Opening to Channel 1 is required to take this advanced course.
You can take the audio course by clicking here.


Opening to Channel 2 Tuition: Full Pay $397




Private Mentoring Sessions with Mari

A Private Mentoring Supplement will also be available to those who have taken Opening to Channel 1 and/or Opening to Channel 2 Courses.

A set of 3 30 min private mentoring sessions will be provided. During these sessions you will work one on one with Mari to:

– Release any blocks or confusion you are having with your channeling

– Accelerate your ability to receive clear guidance

– Get specific techniques for working on your own personal manifestation projects

– Get more clarity with your personal issues and directions.

Please note: These are NOT psychic reading sessions. These sessions are based on your personal development energetically and accelerating your progress as you put what you learn into action in your day to day life.

3 Session Private Mentoring Supplement
for those in Opening to Channel 1 or Opening to Channel 2
Tuition: $397

[Private Mentoring Sessions must be used within 45 days of purchase.]




See You In Class!