Angel Messages By The Sea

New Channeled Readings with Mari and Your Angels and Guides!

The Guidance that is coming through from the Angels and Guides is so powerful as I now conduct our sessions by the Sea in La Jolla and Encinitas California!

I have been guided to offer channelled sessions to those who are seeking support, in-sight and a boost in their personal connection and personal ability to communicate with their Angels and Guides!


What’s Different about these Channeled Sessions?

– Learn more about your energy and how to boost and align it for much more efficient results in your life

– If you are preparing for a big change, in the middle of one or getting over one, this channeled session will not only provide clarity, but will also download energetic healing support to your fields as well.

– The Angels are particularly interested in easing fear, anxiety and dislodging blocks to making big changes and personal transformation for you

– You can work on a particular issue to get guidance on decision making and how to know which choices will work out best for you

– Your Angels and Guides really desire to be daily partners with you! These sessions show you how!


What Happens in an Angel Messages by the Sea Session?

  • You prepare by listening to your Pre Reading Guided Meditation (see below)
  • In the session with Mari we do a prayer of protection and call in your Angels and Guides
  • The first portion of the session you will learn what Angels and Guides are working with you, and receive the messages that they have
  • In the second portion of the session you will be able to ask your specific questions in a dialogue with the Angels
  • You will also receive a prescription of things to do after the session that will support you along your way
  • After your session you will listen to your Post Reading Guided Meditation on your own to integrate the energy and continue your ability to receive further guidance on your own (see below)


All New!!

3 Channelled Guided Meditation MP3’s from the Angels for BEFORE and AFTER your session now included!

While I was meditating by the ocean in the picture above, I was asked to record 3 short mp3’s to support you in getting the most out of your transmissions with your Angels and Guides.

MP3 1 – Introduction

In this overview we discuss the true purpose of these sessions and how to best prepare to receive the best information possible

MP3 2 – PRE Reading Guided Meditation

In this downloadable MP3 Guided Meditation you will set up your own energy to prepare for your session with your Angels and Guides. You will let them know in advance what you would like to learn about, give them permission to help and support you and open up your energetic systems to receive the transmission both on a conscious level as well as energetically. This really clears the path to releasing any blocks you may have to receiving clear information and in-sight from your session.

MP3 3 – POST Reading Guided Meditation

In this downloadable MP3 Guided Meditation to be conducted within an hour of completing your session, you will integrate and balance the energy of what you received in the session. You will also be able to get further clarity on your in-sights and and intuitive energy boost to support getting even more in-sight beyond the session in your journal and dreams as well as signs, symbols and synchronicities to help you along the way.


These 3 mp3’s are directly channeled from the Angels and Guides and encoded with Angelic Energy to open and support your ability to see know hear and feel what is just RIGHT for you!



Angel Messages by the Sea

Channeled Angel Messages by the Sea Session

30 minutes by Phone or Skype $150



How it works:

  • Payment is required prior to appointments being given
  • Once payment is received you will be provided with a link to choose your appointment from the schedule this will also include your 3 MP3’s for download on your computer or mp3 device
  • Please Note that there are no readings on Fridays or Weekends
  • Please allow 48 business hours to receive the appointment schedule link
  • All readings will be recorded
  • Please have your list of questions ready before the session begins
  • Please be on time for your session and Do NOT call in early as it will interrupt the session before yours.
  • 48 hours notice required for cancellation and rescheduling. No Shows and less than 48 hours notice cannot be rescheduled.
  • Readings are non-refundable


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