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The Aha! Angel School

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Over 6 Hours of Instruction and
Channeled Guided Meditations!
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  • Have you ever asked for a Sign or help from an Angel?
  • Curious about Angels, if they are real and if there is one for you?
  • Ever wanted to know how they really can help you in every area of your life?
  • Already believe in Angels, but want to know the whole story of how to communicate and work with them in your own life?
  • Ready to learn it all?

My Popular Aha! Angel School Tele-Course is Available to Download Now!

(Over 6 hours of Content Packed Lectures and a Channeled Guided Meditation for every class!)

Here is what one of our happy Aha! Angel School Students had to say:

“I am filled with excitement and empowerment after completing Mari’s angel school classes. Her knowledge, expertise and flowing, informative, methodical teaching style makes it easy to follow and apply in my daily life. Mari has given me so many tools on how to strengthen my intuition, creativity, power, how to ask and receive so that life can move forward without feeling stuck and helpless. Thank you Mari, it was exactly what I needed!

Thea Cosma

What we cover in this Comprehensive Audio Course:

Class 1: Intro to the World of the Angels
– The Various Realms of Angels
– The Archangels
– Preparing to Work with Your Angels
– Aura Clearing and Calling in the Angels

Channeled Angel Guided Meditation
Angel Aura Clearing and Lightwork
Class 2: Your Guardian Angels
– How to meet your Guardian Angels
– How to communicate with them
– How to call in your own Customized Group of Angels to help you in ANY area of your life
– Other types of Guides who work with your Guardian Angels to support you

Channeled Angel Meditation
Meet Your Guardian Angel

Class 3: Angel Intuition
– How your Angels use your Intuition to Guide you
– How to know when your Angel is speaking with you
– How to use your inborn intuition in conjunction with Angel Messages
– Is it a sign? How to recognize and interpret signs, symbols and synchronicity from your angels
– Angel Numbers: The repetitive numbers that we see like 222, 444, 777 etc. What they mean and how the Angels use them to get your attention

Channeled Angel Meditation
Activate Your Angel Intuition to Get a Message Meditation

Class 4: Dreaming with your Angels
– How to use your dreams as a place to communicate with your Angels
– Programming your Dreams to Receive Angel Messages
– Interpreting what you remember from your Angel Dreams
– How to know what to believe and what to ignore in your dreams

Channeled Angel Meditation
Activate Your Angel Dreams Meditation

Class 5: Channeled Conversations with Your Angels and Guides
– How to have written conversations with your Angels
– How to receive specific answers from them in your writing
– Angel Letters and other communications
– How to work with other people’s Angels
– How to receive additional reliable guidance from other Guides like Spirit Guides, Elementals, Ascended Masters and the Goddesses

Channeled Angel Meditation
Calling in Your Team of Angels and Guides

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Meet Your Guardian Angel Guided Meditation

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