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The Akashic Records:

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The Archive of Your Soul and It’s Journey…


The Answers Truly Are Within Your Reach…

One of the best practices that I have ever experienced was learning to access my Akashic Records and work on the areas in my life that seemed to be constantly stuck! (Yes I get stuck too! :0) It was interesting because the guidance I received was not what I expected but it fixed the issues all the way through, not just on the surface for the moment.

I knew that something was VERY different about these Records. There was something so familiar about them and I felt a deep sense of calm that the information was absolutely true. I also knew that I was looking for something different to offer my clients. The Intuitive Readings that I had offered for years were just not enough and I was always very concerned about the codependency that frequent readings would produce for my clients. It was almost as if they were leaning on my predictions instead of their own spiritual power.

For that reason I majorly reduced the number of Intuitive Readings I would do and at certain points would not do them at all. I struggled with this for quite some time.

I was so moved by what was happening with the Akashic Records for myself that I decided to offer readings to my clients. The results were equally amazing. And I have included several of their reactions below.

All of this inspired me to write a Special Report: The Akashic Records: The Archive of Your Soul and It’s Journey, to provide you with more information about this very powerful resource that will ABSOLUTELY become one of your MOST reliable and relied upon tools for day to day living going forward.

In this Special Report you will learn:

  • What the Akashic Records Are
  • How they have been recognized in Sacred Text and Scientifically Proven to Exist
  • The difference between the Akashic Records and your Intuition
  • Who helps you in the Akashic Records
  • The types of questions you can ask and the type of information you can access from your Akashic Records
  • Reference Books to learn more about this essential tool
  • Next Steps you can take to get started getting answers from your own Akashic Records

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What Clients Are Saying About Their Journey to The Akashic Records…

MPuleo head shot 2010 “I have been working with Mari as my business coach and making great progress, but we got to a point where it would be useful to develop a broader point of view. Mari suggested that we do an Akashic reading together, and I am so glad that we did. First of all, Mari is a ROCK STAR with her intuitive skills, and her skills really shine when she works in the Akashic records. In our session, we connected and the information started to flow immediately. Not only did I get the “answers” that I was looking for, what I really received was a deeper appreciation for my life task and soooo many pieces fell right into place. So many things make much more sense to me, and our work together will now be much easier.”


Mari Jo Puleo, Belmar, New Jersey


michelle stickleberg Mari and I have been working together for over 4 years. This week was my first Akashic Record Reading! I was so excited yet anxious prior to our session. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was open to receive and willing to accept what I was hearing from my guides and loved ones who would interpret my soul’s records for Mari and pass it on to me. It was the most AMAZING reading I have ever had. As my questions got answered & I learned about my past and how it was affecting my future, I was getting chills and heat waves and I just felt like I needed to purge! It felt like a total release, relief and getting rid of long standing negative energy ~  so I could let go of the old and move on to the New!

Just so you know, I am a constant thinker and worrier, by the end of the session the guides and loved ones told me to “stop thinking and start feeling”~ I literally became speechless (and that doesn’t happen)… I just couldn’t think of anything I needed to say…I felt like I had been given a wonderful gift. Both gift and Permission to live Free and just TRUST in the Universe that everything was going to be O.K.!

I do feel Free and am excited to see where my life will go now!

I  Highly recommend an Akashic Record Reading with Mari to anyone who is feeling stuck or having any internal or external struggles. I believe this will open new doors of clarity for you!!!

Thank You Mari for sticking by me all this time!!! Look How Far I’ve come :)

Michelle Schickleburgh


Peggi Reading Testimonial “I have had many intuitive readings over the years, but this was my first experience with an Akashic Record Reading. For me, this reading was a profoundly personal, soul level experience. Instead of hearing an intuitive reading, Mari expertly ‘got out of the way’ which gave me the experience and feeling of speaking directly to my highest teaching masters and guilds. As I received their guidance (and humor) through Mari, I felt an intense heart connection to them and the wisdom they were relaying resonated with me deeply. It was like having a direct line to ‘The Source’!”

Peggi, Fairfax Station, VA


Nikki's Headshot Sitting LR I’ve worked with Mari for a long time now and it’s hard to describe this new type of reading except to say that it seemed to be the missing puzzle piece to a lot that is going on for me.  It was incredible and brought so much clarity around situations that I’m going through that are testing the foundation of who I am.   I definitely felt like important questions were answered, information was given to me that ended up being imperative in helping me move forward out of a stuck state and it was just so interesting and intriguing!

It’s a completely different type of reading from anything that I’ve experienced before and I immediately got on the phone to tell a few of my most trusted friends all about it and they had the same shock and awe response as I did during the reading.  So many things that are happening make sense now and I feel a deeper connection to who I am and feel more confident from that alone.

Nikki Incandela, San Diego CA www.nikkiincandela.com


Sandra Keros Mari is already an expert at giving predictive intuitive readings, but Akashic record readings go far beyond their scope. Who would have guessed that within 2 days of my reading I would stop a persistent pattern of “stuckness” that had eluded me for a very long time? There was a decision that I had been scared to make for years – and I did it fearlessly and effortlessly – way easier and quicker than I expected. Also, Mari clearly explained how my limiting thoughts and over analysis were keeping me stuck and how they related to the past lives revealed in my Akashic records.

Someone say, “Aha moment”? The information from the reading connected all sorts of pieces in my life that helped me access a deeper sense of knowingness and centeredness. At the end of the session, Mari gave me tools, affirmations and visualizations as enlightening “homework”, on which I am following through. I can’t tell you enough how helpful this was for me. Thank you so much, Mari!

Sandra Keros, San Francisco, CA


JulieAFleming 2009 I didn’t know quite what to expect from an Akashic Reading with Mari, but what I learned blew me away.  We went deep into the patterns and the lessons that are playing out in my life, and everything I learned clicked into place with absolute clarity and certainty.  I feel like I have a real roadmap in place, a big picture that will help me to move forward and to heal the issues that have been following me for such a long time.  And I even *feel* different now, just a few hours post-reading.  It’s almost like I’m more at home in my own body.  It was an awesome experience.  Thank you, Mari!

Julie Fleming, Atlanta, GA www.juliefleming.com



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