Ready to Go to the Next Level?

The Path of the Lightworker 2

Advanced Topics!

A Brand New 5 Week Teleseries

Wednesdays February 27, March 6th,13th,20th, 27th 2013

7pm -8:15 eastern / 4pm pacific

By phone, skype or web

All Classes will be recorded

Ready to Go Beyond the Basics?

If you have been craving to go beyond all of the basic stuff out there, reach deeper within yourself and your energetic capacities and open yourself up to take things to a whole new level in your life and living this is the course for you.

This is a class that I have been receiving requests for, for quite some time!

If you have taken The New Path of the Lightworker Series, Aha! Angel School OR you have been studying on your own and feel ready for a much deeper experience with like – minded individuals this course is for you!

This is NOT a beginner class: If you would like a more basic class please see Awakening to Your Spirit Within at

Join Us for

The Path of the Lightworker 2

Advanced Topics

Listen in by phone, skype or on the Internet

(All sessions will be recorded)

Class 1: Multi-dimensionality 

  • Getting New Access to greater versions of ourselves
  • Advanced Techniques to apply to access wisdom and talents from the multidimensional versions of you
  • Accessing and raising your Life Force Energy

Class 2: Energetic Boundaries and Psychic Protection 

  • The next level of Spiritual Hygiene
  • How to create energetic boundaries when living and working with other people
  • Dealing with heavy energy from society when we are extra sensitive
  • Practical Tools you can use to clear your energy and strengthen your boundaries

Class 3: Opening to Channel 1 

  • Strengthening Intuition
  • Advanced Techniques for Receiving Guidance
  • Energeticallly Discerning whose Who in the Spirit World
  • Practical Exercises to practice for getting more details and accurate guidance

Class 4: Opening to Channel 2 

  • Getting Clearer Intuitive information from your Clairs
  • Opening Clairs that were formerly closed for you
  • Sending and Receiving Telepathic messages and energy
  • Practical Exercises to use to strengthen your skills and abilities to communicate with others telepathically

Class 5: Opening to Channel 3 

  • Getting your specific High Level Guide
  • How to hold better focus and concentration
  • Predictions and Probable Futures
  • Channeling for yourself with your Guide
  • Moving forward with your channeling abilities in practical ways in everyday life



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The Path of the Lightworker 2 Teleseries

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