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I am so excited that you have come for a visit. People land here for a myriad of different reasons. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life, seeking guidance for some challenging things going on in your world, looking for a community of likeminded folks from around the world, who “get it” like you do or maybe you are just plain curious about what all the fuss is about? [Read More...]

Life at Full Operating Power…

There is so much more than what meets the eye! In the world of spirituality, conscious thought, quantum physics and now science, it is becoming quite obvious that there is so much more to us as beings than our physical bodies and day to day living. We now have lots of proof of much greater aspects of ourselves that we can tap into and receive guidance from on a topic, concern, creative endeavor or curiosity. [Read More...]

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Angel Messages by the Sea are here and Mari is scheduling 2015 Insight Readings.

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The Opening to Channel Series with Mari!

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How to Joyfully Join Forces with Your Personal Guide

What is your biggest goal or heart felt desire?

Ready to write a book? Start a business? Let go of debt? Get fit? Find a new love? Move to a wonderful new place that soothes your soul?

We have thought provoking products and programs to give you the tools that will accelerate your progress to get what you desire and even more!

Here in the Aha! Community we have an amazing group of folks from 95 countries around the world who want to apply the big spiritual, energetic and intuitive principles to the ongoing trials and triumphs of day to day life.

I have personally spent my entire adult life sorting out how to combine both material abundance and energetic consciousness into a system of practices that are fully integrated and applicable to all parts of my life.

I love sharing what I have learned with those who are ready, willing and able to receive it.

There are a few skills that are extremely important to really find your personal sweet spots in life! One is becoming fluent in the language of your intuition so that you always feel safe and secure in your decisions and choices. Click Here to Learn more.....


The Intuitive Living Oracle Cards

My New Intuitive Living Oracle Cards Were Channeled to be a Tool in Assisting You to Get Your Own Answers whenever you want or need them! The Guidebook will give you the general meanings of the 45 Intuitive Living Oracle Cards. I also explain how your energy and intuition works, how to bless, care for and clear your cards and give you several different ways to customize your interpretation of the cards answers. As you move forward in your daily manifesting activities and use the laws of attraction to bring your desires to fruition, your Intuition is the language that lets you know what actions to take and if you are on the right track! The messages from these cards will give you the wisdom and clarity of your inborn Intuition in a tangible and fun way. CLICK HERE to Learn More...